We took recently took a spontaneous trip to beautiful San Diego, California to visit a long-time high school friend and decided to take a short trip over to Belmont Park.

This iconic park was built around the same time as many of the California boardwalks came about, like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It has an iconic, old-school wooden roller coaster as the main attraction to set the skyline of the park.

Giant Dipper

Giant Dipper at Belmont Park

The Giant Dipper is a wooden double out-and-back roller coaster with an intense twisting first drop. Most people who have been to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk would probably compare this coaster to their similar Giant Dipper wooden coaster which is also a double out-and-back coaster.  I believe both coasters provide two completely different riding experiences.  Belmont park’s Giant Dipper has multiple twisting hills, drops, and head-choppers within a very compact footprint which provides a much more intense ride regardless of where you sit in the train.  The hills almost represent the look of rolling ocean waves.

Giant Dipper turns

Giant Dipper’s wave-like drops and turns

The park was pretty busy—it was a sunny 75 deg F, spring break day in San Diego.  Belmont Park has thrill rides, a great wooden coaster, carnival games, and a great beach with plenty of space for picnicking with family and a great flat coastline for even waves for those who like to give surfing a try.  What a great place to be for a quick family day while in San Diego!

Giant Dipper friction brakes

Pneumatics have replaced the hand-brake to raise the friction brakes from the floor in the station to stop the train.

Giant Dipper station drop

Dropping out of the station

Rides admissions are ticket-based however they do provide an unlimited ride bracelet for those who will be visiting the park for several hours or the entire day. Admission and parking is free for the park and beach.

Unfortunately this ride was closed today

Sky ropes adventure

Sky Ropes adventure for kids


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